Posted: November 4, 2011 in GLOA 491
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I recently watched the move Taken about an American whose daughter is kidnapped in Europe and sold into sex slavery. I was wondering about a couple of things:

  • One part of this movie talks about how traffickers used to deceive women into sex slavery, but now (in 2008 paris) they just kidnap travelers to “save on transportation costs”. Based on my research I would say that this is a dramatization. For example Kara notes that most sex slavery victims are coerced, not kidnapped.  Kidnapping strangers in high-profile places like a Paris airport seems risky; what if you kidnap someone prominent, like the daughter of an American spy (or something more realistic)? Is there any evidence of women being kidnapped against their will and sold into sex slavery?
  • At a slave auction near the end of the movie, slaves were sold to rich buyers for as much as $500k. This is definitely a dramatization, because slaves usually only sell for a couple thousand dollars at most. Are there any real-life scenarios in which slaves would sell for 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars?
  1. ron says:

    Seems to me most sex traffickers’ coerce and deceive their victims. For example, in some countries, false promises are made of a good job opportunity, or a marriage, and the victims are then forced into prostitution. In other parts of the world, young women and young adolescent girls are sold by their own families, probably never suspecting that their loved ones will fall into the prostitution trap by the nice guy down the road with a nice story of promised riches. In this country, it probably is not uncommon for runaway teenage girls to be deceived of promised housing and security, and then trafficked out as prostitutes, as in the recent MS-13 case (Fairfax,VA), for example. Also, to carry on the subject a little further I suppose, I often wonder about polygamist groups and “leaders” such as Warren Jeffs, who was arrested a few years back in Utah, for allegedly arranging marriages between underage girls and older men. That seems to me to be another form of human trafficking, as well.

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